Have a thought, idea, or question regarding the proposal? Include them in your comments in the survey. Your response will help shape the future of downtown Richmond. Before you do, please be sure to read the City's rules of engagement for submitting input about the plan.



JANUARY 13, 2018


Cedar Street Baptist

Church of God

2301 Cedar Street

Richmond, VA 23223


JANUARY 13, 2018


Six Points Innovation Center

3001 Meadowbridge Road

Richmond, VA 23222


JANUARY 20, 2018


Black History Museum

and Cultural Center

122 W. Leigh Street

Richmond, VA 23220


JANUARY 20, 2018


Belmont United Methodist Church

3510 Broad Rock Boulevard

Richmond, Va. 23234


JANUARY 20, 2018


Westminster Presbyterian Church

4103 Monument Avenue

Richmond, Va. 23230



JANUARY 20, 2018


Westover Hills

United Methodist Church

1705 Westover Hills Boulevard

Richmond, Va. 23225

Encourage your friends and neighbors to share their ideas and thoughts here 24/7. And check back often: New in-person Community Workshops are being scheduled around town.

Now to February 9, 2018

Take the Survey

Have a thought, idea, or question regarding the proposal? Include them in your comments in  the survey! Your response will help shape the future of downtown Richmond.

The City has these goals:

Support the City’s Master Plan - These blocks anchor the City's official growth plan as an "economic opportunity area."

New Tax Base - The City wants to generate new revenue.

Poverty mitigation - The redevelopment can create jobs of all skill levels for City residents.

Job training opportunities - The project should create local job opportunities, internships, and on-the-job learning experiences for students of all ages.

Community Revitalization - The area consists of many properties that are not currently utilized to their full market potential. They could make more money for the City.

Infrastructure Improvements - Proposals should include ways to pay for infrastructure to handle new traffic, more people and bikes, and changing land uses.

Sustainable Development - Proposals should promote sustainability, consistent with the Mayor’s RVAgreen 2050 plan to reduce carbon emissions. The city wants to see clean energy resources, reliable and resilient our energy systems, and more efficient and affordable energy use.

Richmond Public Schools – Proposals should positively impact Richmond Public Schools.

Enhance City Brand - The redevelopment should elevate the City’s image and brand regionally, across the country, and around the world.

Minority Business support - The Proposal should advance opportunities for minority and emerging small business enterprises.



The City of Richmond has issued a "request for proposals," or RFP, asking for plans to redevelop the blocks between North 5th and North 10th Streets, and between East Leigh and East Marshall Streets, and maybe more. Proposals are due February 9, 2018.

North of Broad
Downtown Neighborhood Redevelopment


Share your ideas about redeveloping vacant land that was once a downtown Richmond neighborhood. The City government has asked for plans to create new housing and workspaces, shape community spaces, replace the outdated Coliseum, and re-open the Blues Armory. Share your ideas here. A Richmond-based group will use the community's input to respond to the City's request to help rebuild a downtown neighborhood.


Attend a community workshop on Jan. 13 or 20 (locations and times below). Stay for as long as you wish - just make your voice heard! You can also take part in the online workshop, below.


Online Workshops

Can't make it to one of our community workshops, or prefer to give input online? Review the outline of the City's RFP, learn about potential method of financing, and give your voice to the future of Richmond. After you review the boards below, fill out the anonymous survey to give your feedback. Please note the rules of engagement for participating. 

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